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Government Tax Lien Network is a tax lien investment education company. We provide the tools and techniques to combine the power of tax lien investing with real world real estate opportunities!


We pride ourselves in providing a premium tax lien education to our students in written, audio, and book format. Eager investors learn what tax lien investing really is, how to find tax liens efficiently, how to properly conduct research, and more.


Current Lien Lists and auctions: Our lien lists are updated regularly so that student investors have a resource to find available liens and lien auctions. Our research on these potentially saves an enormous amount of time for them, allowing more time to focus on investing.


Notes for Sale: We have available Tax Liens for our students, found using the same methods that we teach in our training. These liens are available for purchase so that our investor students can get a jump start on their Tax Lien investing.

What is a Tax Lien and how do they work?

A Tax Lien Certificate is a first position lien on real estate due to delinquent property taxes. Once property taxes on a property are one year delinquent, the county government is going to offer a tax lien certificate on the property. Tax lien certificates pay fixed rates of returns of 8% to 36% interest per year depending on which county you’re investing in. The price of the tax lien certificate is the amount of one years back taxes and penalties, and therefore can range in price from under $100, to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The tax lien certificate investment is secured by the property, similar to a mortgage, except by law, a tax lien certificate takes priority over a mortgage. Because property taxes are a small fraction of the value of the property (less than 2%), the tax lien certificate investment is typically secured by property on at least a 50 to 1 basis. To put this in perspective, banks only secure your deposits dollar for dollar or 1 to 1.

Investing in tax lien certificates isn’t complicated. It’s a matter of understanding the rules and procedures for the markets you have an interest in, and then knowing how to complete thorough due-diligence in a timely manner. Once you understand the due-diligence process, you can successfully acquire tax lien certificates anywhere America – right from the comfort of your own home – in as little as four hours a week, or even less. Like most anything else, the more time and effort you dedicate, the more successful you can become.

Once property taxes are one-year delinquent on a property, the county government is going to hold a sale and offer tax lien certificates for sale on all of the delinquent properties. As investors, we can attend these sales and acquire tax lien certificates that pay you 8% to 36% interest per year depending on which county we’re investing in. Again, you don’t have to go to auctions to acquire tax lien certificates; it’s simply the way the process begins.

When you acquire a tax lien certificate, by law, you are now the first position lien holder of record. In essence what you did was pay the delinquent tax bill, and in return you received a Tax Lien Certificate. When the delinquent property taxes are paid, you receive all of your original investment back, plus the guaranteed high interest rate (16% or 18% or 36%).


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Q. Is it really Free?

A. Yes! There is no cost or obligations to attend the 2 hour live event.


Q. Will I have to buy anything?

A. No. You are not required to purchase anything. Of course, we do offer additional products and services at our workshops. But you are NEVER under any obligation to buy.


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Q. Can I bring a third person/additional guests?

A. Your registration is good for just two people. If you would like anyone else to join you, we ask that they register separately.


Q. I want to reschedule my event

A. No problem. Please email us at support@gtlnlive.com or give us a call at 877.828.9419 and we’re happy to help.


Q. I want to cancel my event

A. Sorry to hear! Please feel free to email us at support@gtlnlive.com  or give us a call at 877.828.9419 and we’ll be happy to cancel your registration. You may also want to learn about our full schedule to see if another time works better for you.


Q. Is parking free?

A. Each venue has its own parking arrangements, and we recommend contacting the venue directly for more information.


Q. What is the dress code?

A. You may wear whatever you are comfortable in.


Q. Do I need physical tickets?

A. Nope! We have your name on a registration list, and no physical tickets are required.


Q. Where else are you going to be in my area? Elsewhere around the country?

A. To go over the upcoming schedule, please email us at support@gtlnlive.com, or give us a call at 877.828.9419 .


Q. I missed my event - how long until you return?

A. We will generally return within the year, but we might still be in your area! Please email us at support@gtlnlive.com or give us a call at 877.828.9419 and we would be happy to go over our upcoming schedule and other options available to you.

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